Teaching & Lecturing

Live, learn, love, teach
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What I’ve taught

Typography for UI design
Designing a career path

Where I’ve taught

General Assembly
Wolverhampton Uni

But ..I don’t want to teach

My teaching experience started with by accident. While working at a venture capitalists I shared a desk with the UK Director of General Assembly Matt Cynamon. After much coercion Matt convinced me I should try teaching. What I learnt is what Matt knew all along teaching forces you to develop a skill set benefits all aspects of your career.

I love teaching

That summer I ran a ‘Typography for UI design’ course for 12 weeks which eventually lead me to being rated on of the top 3 teachers at General Assembly at the time!

Above are slides from my course show how type choice alone can communicate emotions realted to a brand or experience.
Tweets from students

Turns out I’m an ok teacher

My course ended with a surprise gift from GA as I was voted one of the top three teachers in GA London by students. And invited to teach typography at google campus.