Barclays Bank

UI, UX, Prototyping, Design Language
Image of Trustpilot website

What I did


The brief

’Reinvent Barclays design language for the open banking environment'. Back in 2014 it was clear that big changes were on the way to the banking sector. The adoption of mobile, the stirrings of the first challenger banks and open banking all on the horizon.

My role

I was hired by Barclays to concept a future facing mobile first design language built to succeed in a fast moving but unpredictable environment.

Banking in motion

One of the goals of the design language was to explore how motion design can support financial data. I used various motion tools to embellish the prototype and bring the Barclays brand to life.
Visualisation of a conversion funnel

Introducing best practice

To create an aligned understanding of ‘Good IA’ I asked my workshop participants to research specific websites, answering questions about their size and structure.
Design Director at Trustpilot
Noel Lyons
Chief Design Officer at Barclays
Derrick isterrific designer who I admire a great deal. He has an elegant and refined style allied to a keen product mindset that makes his work very compelling. And he's a lovely guy too. If you
get the chance to work with him, recommend you take It.


Working with a team of designers we were each given different theme and key words as inspiration for our future facing UI. The inspirational terms I worked to was ‘Magnificent paper’. Which I interpreted in a paired back almost invisible UI built to allow maximum focus for the task in in hand
A mock up of Information architecture test results

Micro Interactions

With a minimal UI brand characteristic were communicated via micro-interactions solely focused on enhancing clarity and speed of task completion
Visual from the IA prototype