Positive Black News Network

Community powered news for black diaspora
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What I did

Product Strategy


The goal

Feeling overwhelmed by news of police brutality, racism and corruption I created 'Positive Black News Network' to celebrate the history and achievements of the global black diaspora.

The PBNN app was built in under a month, featured in Wired magazine a month later and has developed into a social enterprise using its profits for public good.

Viral factor

The first version of PBNN had no sign up, no comments and no onboarding. The  product grew via word of mouth alone with 0 spent on marketing.

PBNN shares info on history, data and global current events from the global black community
Yo app mage

From side-project to charity

in 2020 PBNN users started to get in touch asking for positive black news on a daily basis. Working with a team from Google, Facebook and Pinterest we rebuilt the app incorporated the business and launched a new platform for deeper engagement with the our audience.
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More about PBNN

- pbnn.io
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